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I grew up on a farm and have always been an animal lover so the cats keep me close to my roots. Since leaving the farm and starting my professional career, dogs and cats were the easiest 4-legged critters to have around. I had raised and shown working Birman cat for many years then I ran across the Maine coon and fell in love. The cats are my “escape” if you will. When I have a bad day, I come home to my cats and they make everything better. It’s great therapy!

Maine coons are different from every other breed in that they are almost human like. I’ve always said, “until you have a Maine coon, you just cannot understand the difference between them and the rest of the cats.” I had to have one … then another. Now, I must confess, I am a Maine coon addict, hooked on Maine coon for life.

The Maine Coon is the best breed of cat for me. They are everything that I could ask for in a family companion. The Maine coon is the “original” cat with an athletic muscular build, plenty of stamina to run & play for long periods of time, they make excellent family pets, and they train very easily. They are a delightful Maine coon breed with much to give back to their owners.

When you purchase a Maine coon, I am committed to you and your Maine coon for life if you want me to.

From our first telephone conversation, you will know that I am happy to share tips on raising a healthy, low-maintenance Maine coon kitten. Simply I do what is right with these kittens and the people that purchase one. It is my goal to equip you with the knowledge and “tools” you need to enjoy your FUR BABY and to keep them safe & happy. I am committed to you and your kitten throughout its entire life. I can help you by phone, email or in person.

I am in no way a vet and don’t pretend to be. So please, listen to the expert veterinarian of your choice for any medical advice.

In my profession (my “day job”) things MUST be done right. There may not be a second chance to do things and lives could be lost.

Thus there are always two things that are on my mind:
1) Quality
2) Customer Satisfaction

As a result I can confidently say over the years that Star maine coon continues to get better and better. Nothing thrills me more than to see this happening before my very eyes. I enjoy the great feeling of placing a kitten with a new family who’s full of excitement and to hearing the happy stories of families over the years getting back to me with the joys of owning a Star Maine coon. Stories that literally come from all over the world!

It’s what I do and I love every minute of it!

I sure do! My previous customers are my best form of advertisement! I am proud of the long list of satisfied (& repeat) buyers that have gotten a Star Maine coon from our kennel over the years. Many, many wonderful stories of happy families and their Star Maine coons abound – both in the USA and abroad.

I am told over and over again that my cats are of higher quality than the other cats that folks have seen. I greatly appreciate the kindness and compliments of others, but it has not been an easy task. After over a decade of establishing our line and type of cats, the rewards are obvious.

Another of the most important qualities that I select for is the health of the Cat. While Maine coon are known to have very minimal  health issues, i still concentrate more in paying high bills to make them great inside, I have chosen to go against the grain of history and breed exclusively healthy cats. The duration of my experience has paid off, and I am proud to practically not even have a slight issue in any of my or my customer’s kittens.

I believe that a kitten should be a blessing to your home, and not a curse. Having a kitten that is overly hyper, out of control, and/or riddled with health issues that cost thousands of dollars at the vet and countless trips to and from is not a blessing! I wouldn’t want that for myself and won’t pass it off onto my customers.

Simply put (and I know you’ve heard this before but it is true): You get what you pay for. Even with these wonderful kittens selling in the thousands of dollars, theTICA says that a true reputable breeder will do well to break even – and we ARE a reputable breeder.

Aside from cat breeding being hard work, it also costs a good deal of money to do it the right way. To insure the success with my program, I have and will continue to spend whatever it takes to provide my cats with an excellent living environment, plenty of exercise, the best food, proper immunizations and a whole lot of love. I spare no expense in raising a litter of kittens.

Unfortunately, even many pet shops buy their cats from cat mills where the cats are repeatedly bred, poorly socialized and rarely – if at all – see the outside of a cage. I have made a personal choice to never sell my kittens to pet shops for this reason. Our goal is to place all of our kittens with kind pet lovers who will provide them with a wonderful home and life.

Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless. Since I have been breeding these kittens longer than most within the breed, I know how to separate myself from the average breeders that are in it to make a quick buck. I have built my program and the cats that you now see the slow and solid way.

It costs more to do it the right way. So if you are bargain shopping, I’d advise going elsewhere. I often tell my friends that I’d rather own one $5000 cat than five $1000 cats. Why? Because a quality cat gives you opportunity to create more, with wise breeding decisions. I wouldn’t and couldn’t settle for anything else. Could you?

The registration papers will be mailed to you separately after you receive your kitten. The registration papers are a pre-printed cat certificate from the cattery club registry and their official registered name will have the prefix of “TSK.” You are welcomed to name your kitten and have him/her registered under your ownership immediately, upon adoption. We prefer to sell our kittens as “pet only” with the understanding that the kitten will be spayed/neutered before adulthood.

Here’s is a quick (possibly not complete) list of items that you need to consider:

1) Medium sized (open-air / steel) crate.

2) Food and Water Bowls.

3) Comfortable cat house for outside shelter IF your cat will be outside for long periods of time
4) CAT FOOD that contains NO CORN, NO WHEAT, NO SOY. We prefer and feed Royal Canin Cat Food
5) Flea & Tick prevention SAFE for kittens. Frontline Plus – dosed by the weight of your cat.

6) Tennis balls, and other SAFE cat toys.

7) Baby Wipes.
8) LOTS of newspaper to line the crate.

I DO NOT sell to anyone that I have not interviewed. So after you have a few early questions answered via email, pick up the phone and call me to discuss. Many people will sell you a cat without even wanting to speak to you, however I am not one of those. I am deeply concerned about where my kittens go. I need to know how they will be treated; what kind of future home they will have, etc. So, if you are not interested in speaking with me personally, I am sorry, you wont be able to get one of my kittens. As far as transport options, I will either fly or ground ship your kitten, whichever method is the safest and best for your kitten at that time. I use commercial airlines to fly and an exceptional ground shipper named which i am familiar with.

Everyone chooses a kitten with different criteria: color, gender, preferred size, or “it’s just the way he looks at me.” Some folks contact me early, even before their kitten is born, because they know exactly what they want. They are willing to put a deposit down in advance so that they can be first in line for their specific description. Others wait until the litter is born to contact and still others wait until the kittens are displayed on line to choose. I do not pressure either way. I do have certain policies in place to make things fair for everyone.

PICKING ORDER IS DETERMINED BY THE ORDER IN WHICH SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE RECEIVED. I honor your place in picking order by the date your security deposit is in my hand. I expect follow-up communication from my clients throughout the entire adoption process, especially when dealing with finances.

One policy that I exercise, and my clients ALL seem to like it: IF A DEPOSIT IS PLACED IN ADVANCE AND THERE IS NOT A KITTEN IN THAT LITTER THAT YOU PREFER, the deposit will simply roll over to the next available litter and you move up in the picking order.

This system has worked all these years without any complaints from my adoptive families and several return clients!

This is a personal preference. The advantages seem to far outweigh the disadvantages. Feel free to discuss this in private with your vet and/or myself and I will help you all that I can in this decision.

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